Irene Spelliscy is a Registered Psychologist in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Irene has worked in the mental health field with children, youth and families in a variety of roles since 1995. Irene is committed to providing a compassionate, caring and collaborative therapeutic environment to individuals, youth and families struggling with a variety of psychological issues and/or personal challenges.

Choosing a therapist is a personal decision and one that you should take time in deciding upon. Psychologists study how people think, feel and behave from a scientific viewpoint and then apply this knowledge to help individuals understand, explain and ultimately change their behaviour (Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, 2011). Beyond professional training and competence, your personal comfort will determine who will be the right therapist for you.

People seek the help of a psychologist for many reasons. Some are experiencing feelings of sadness or clear depression, others may find it difficult to function day-to-day because of excessive worry. Many people seek out the help of a psychologist because of relationship issues, at work or at home, to change behaviour patterns that have become destructive or to cope with a loss or trauma. Be sure to think about what it is you want to feel at the end of this journey and ask your therapist questions to determine if they are the right fit for you.